Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dawson had his very first T-ball game on Saturday. A lot of people tell me how much they hate t-ball. I have to say, I love it! How could you not love watching the faces of the boys when they realize that, yes they hit the ball. They run to first base and jump up and down like they hit a home run! Oh I love it!!! Addy asked him if they won the game and he replied, "There wasn't a score board there Addy so I don't think T-ball is all about winning. I think it's about just having fun." How cute is he! Pretty impressive for a guy who makes EVERYTHING a race or about winning in one way or another. Hope Dawson's first season is all wants it to be!!! Just the first of many I'm sure! Go Angels!

Ready to run the basses. Love his stance!


Jamie said...

I love it! Cade starts in June and I'm terrified he'll spend the whole time hiding behind me. I'm proud Dawson was so brave and had fun! Great comment he made to Addy too!

Galloways said...

Go Dawson! They look so cute playing ball that little!